The IB Programme: Up for a Challenge?

Sydni Bratthauar, Writer

What’s next? This is a thought that every person has, especially in high school. Most students in high school are thinking about what they want to be and how to achieve this goal. To help students conquer this thought, CASHS offers an opportunity that many colleges over the world look at: The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

This Programme started about two years ago and has, so far, been successful. The IB Programme is a program that consists of college level courses. Students enter this Programme as juniors because most of the courses are two years long. The IB Programme focuses on honing the skills students already have and work to improve these skills. Courses of IB go into more depth about different subjects. For example, Mrs. Parrett, an IB Literature teacher, clarified “We read traditional classics such as Jane Austen’s Persuasion, but we also read books rarely read in high school such as a classic Icelandic book, Independent People.”

It grants opportunities students may not have in regular courses. IB challenges students to think critically and out of the box, which is a positive factor to have when entering college. As mentioned before, colleges from all over the world, more than 2000, acknowledge this Programme. Taking IB is a great way to stand out on a college resume. The Programme grants opportunities students may not have in regular courses. Students in IB have more scholarship opportunities, such as LenFest.

Even only taking one or two IB courses benefit students greatly. Amaya Sanford, a senior at CASHS, emphasized “I do think that taking these classes benefit me greatly… I think even if you only take one or two IB courses, which is what I do, it can greatly help you prepare for college and embellishes your transcript.”

The full IB Programme is a little different than taking only one or two courses. There’s a lot more work for it and sometimes it can be stressful, but in the end it will be worth it. Not only does the Programme heighten students’ skill levels, but also builds character. This is Rachel Beatty’s first year in the full IB Programme and she has experienced some ups and downs, “You will have good days and bad days, but I do think it helps you grow as a person.”

How does it build character? There are ten character attributes to the character that IB helps build on: Communication, Knowledge, Inquiring, Thinking, Caring, Principled, Open Mindedness, Risk-Taking, Balance, and Reflectiveness. Alex Brajovic, also in the full IB Programme, hopes that the program can not only showcase her academic skills, but how she will has grown by taking it.

The International Baccalaureate Programme will be lots of work, and causes students to go beyond their limits, but it creates an opportunity for greatness. Are you up for the challenge?