The Will to Change The World


Sydni Bratthauar, Writer

Over the past couple of years, it seems like the world has fallen victim to hate, greed, and distrust. I ask myself every time I hear something about a school shooting, a hate crime, a terrorist attack, a racist slur, bullying; When will this stop? I know that it probably won’t ever really stop or disappear, but why can’t we set the wheels in motion to achieve this goal?

There has been a shooting recently in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Eleven people were murdered and six others were injured. The gunman claimed to be an Anti-Semitic and I can’t help but put him under the racist column. There will always be racists in the world, but there’s no need to murder innocent people because of what your beliefs are. The Constitution includes Freedom of Speech, which means you can voice your opinion; but this does not translate to freedom to murder or physically harm anyone who disagrees with you or who you don’t like.

I remember in 10th grade, CASHS had numerous fights in just one month because of either racial slurs, politics and much more. Most of the kids at CASHS can’t even vote yet and should not even be saying racist things, so why are they doing so? Kids say some extremely cruel things, believe me, I know, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hit them.

The worst thing about this though, is that most of the time, the things people say are on social media. I’m not against social media. I have Instagram and Snapchat and these allow me to keep in touch with my friends. Unfortunately, there is a thing called Cyberbullying. Social media has a ton of this happening to kids who don’t deserve it. Someone I know was bullied and it hurt me to watch this person get verbally punched. Cyberbullying is never acceptable and I probably will never understand why people do it. Social media should stay fun and positive, not turn into a thing where people are willing to make other lives a nightmare!

Everyone knows that the Midterm Elections are on November 6th, and this brings me to my next point. Voting was established so that we, the citizens of America, can have a say in our government. This we all accept and honor, but it’s not the voting that’s the issue. The problem is that we’ve gone so far off the rails from when our Founding Fathers started the voting process that most people can’t have a civilized conversation about politics. The Republicans dislike the Democrats and vice versa, so much so that they’re all trying to ‘kill’ each other. They are two different parties, yes, but what gives them the right to verbally abuse each other? What gives them the right to try to ruin reputations? Opportunities?

News stations all around America are doing their jobs: reporting current events. But most of these current events have been cruel or frustrating ones such as murders, hate crimes,  politics, and much more. These are certainly interesting things we need to know, but what about the good news? All I hear anymore is the bad and the worse. I, for one, want to hear good news for a change. All the good couldn’t have just disappeared in the world! What about random acts of kindness? Reunions? Concerts? I think that a little bit of good news would benefit the world a lot. It’d be a nice break and make people hopeful.

I wrote this article because I think the world can change or at least start to change. This change can start a million different ways; Stop bullying, no more racial comments, accepting other people’s views, respecting one another, a balance of good and bad news, and the willpower to make this change. After all, we are all human beings. Since the beginning of time, that has and will never change. So I’m asking the students of CASHS and anyone else to take action; Tell someone a compliment or stand up for someone who’s being bullied. One act of random kindness can change a person’s life and the world.