Ping Pong Club With Morgan Reed

©Rolling Stone

©Rolling Stone

Kayla Garula, Writer

Ping Pong Club has been a part of  CASHS for quite some time. Throughout the years, many memories have been made in the club. Unfortunately, the club was removed this past year.


Morgan Reed was president of the club for about three years. Reed said that during her, “sophomore year the club had around twenty people. During my junior year there was my best friend Bryonna and myself. Bryonna Smith, myself, Camden Sowers, and Dylan King were a part of the club. I very much enjoyed hitting Bryonna in the head with the ping pong ball.”


Ping Pong Club was in the same spot in the field house by the supplies closet. The meetings were held during activities period days for group one.


The students involved in the club ran it themselves. They all would “pay a fee of $5 for the equipment, and then we had to set everything up to play for about an hour and take everything down when the time ended,” Reed said. “I looked forward to it every time. I felt like it was a time to spend time with a lot of my close friends without having to worry about other people.”


There was also the advisor of the club, business teacher Mr. Davis.  “Mr. Davis was our instructor. We elected presidents my freshman year and junior year was the year that I was elected president,” Reed said..