CASHS Drama Club Sees “Pretty Woman: The Musical”

Poster for Pretty Woman: The Musical. Picture via:

Bailey Cassada, Author/Co-Editor

The hit romantic comedy from 1990 has taken the Broadway stage in New York City! On December 15, 2018 the CASHS drama club saw Pretty Woman: The Musical and was able to participate in a Talk Back.

After a chilly morning of sightseeing in NYC, the group gathered at the Nederlander Theatre to watch the show. The production was wonderful: with fabulous Broadway stars, beautifully choreographed dance numbers and catchy music written by Grammy winner Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. It also managed to stay true to the original story line rather well. The leading characters were played by Samantha Barks, who also played Eponine in the 2012 movie adaptation of Les Miserables and Andy Karl, a three time Tony Award nominee.

But the group was even more excited knowing they were going to talk with some of the stars after the show. About ten actors came to the front of the stage and answered a few of our questions about being a professional actor. They were extremely friendly, encouraging and very thorough with their answers.

They told us about their personal experiences with acting and gave us their best tips for being successful.

A common answer was to constantly audition and improve. One cast member stated that some directors will invite actors back to audition if they didn’t get a role in the previous show. They encouraged the aspiring actors in the group to never give up because there is a director in the business looking for a role perfect for them. It is also crucial that learning to accept criticism leads to improvement and eventually landing a role. Once you are in a show or have been in theater for a while, the rehearing and improvements never stop. Another actor claimed that there is never a point in an acting career where no more improvement is necessary. Many actors still take lessons and practice to improve their performances.

Many students in the drama club are interested in pursuing careers in musical theater, so this Talk Back was a unique way to learn more about the profession.

Although we didn’t have long to chat, this was an experience that the drama club will never forget.


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