Meme review 2018


Youtuber Pewdiepie

Luke Stine, Writer

This year has defiantly been an interesting one for the meme community.

If you’d like to watch Pewdiepie’s videos of the whole years “Meme Review” there is a link below to his playlist.


On the first of January 2018. The first meme that came to life was the Ugandan Knuckles or “Do You Know The Way”. It’s a character you can play as in VR Chat, that is a very distorted version of the Sonic character “Knuckles”.




The next day sparked another meme. On January second, Youtuber Logan Paul uploaded a video to his channel titled “Suicide Forest” It was part of his Japan series he was doing that week. In the video he went to the famous Suicide Forest where he filmed himself inside of it with his friend, even filming a dead body. What made this a meme was when he was filming the body hanging and said “Bro, did we just find a dead body in the Suicide Forest?”







On January 10th there was a clip from The Three Bears in 1939 going viral. It’s about when the bears come back from their journey and find out that their spaghetti had been tampered with. The father let’s out an alarmed cry saying “Somebody toucha my spaghet!”





During sometime in February the “love memes” had been taking over. It’s different type of original images that have been distorted with love messages or heart eyes/hearts for someone.






On the 4th of February was Super Bowl LII. Justin Timberlake was singing during the halftime show. A young boy decided to take a selfie with him mid performance. After the selfie was taken the kid’s expression went from being happy to bored.






During the month of March was a popular time for Spongebob memes. Evil Patrick was the first meme to appear. It’s where you add text about doing something evil to someone.





Next was the Chum Bucket vs Krusty Krab meme. People usually put images of good things on the Krusty Krab sign, and things people hate or dislike on the Chum Bucket side.





During the month of April a young boy was going viral on Youtube for Yodeling in Walmart. He then became very popular from this.



The other popular meme of the month was “It’s Free Real Estate” It’s from a fake commercial that was made popular.




One of the first memes in May was the “Is This A Pigeon?”. It came from the short clip from the 1991 Anime, Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird (Brave of the Sun Fighbird). The main character named Katori is a human android with faulty programming. As a butterfly passes by him he asks the famous question, “Is This A Pigeon?”





Yanny or Laurel was also a really big meme to hit in May. A short clip was uploaded to reddit of a woman talking, many hear the voice saying Laurel and others hear the voice saying Yanny. This meme got so big that even the White House and The US Army Force jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted about it.



The beginning of the month of June a picture went viral of Young Thug and Lil Durk in the studio. It was made into a meme when people began saying that Young Thug represented a parental figure to Lil Durk who was represented as a child on the computer.






Another meme from this month is “Slaps Roof Of Car” While this image has been around for a few years, it wasn’t made into a meme until 2018. It’s where the Car salesmen is trying to do whatever he can to sell the car to the potential buyer.




During the beginning of June an image of a cat making a facial expression was uploaded to 9gag. People of the internet decided the name the cat as the “Polite Cat”




Howard The Dancing Alien appeared on July 8th. The animated alien is found to be dancing to different types of audio clips,, but originally started dancing to “Money Longer” by Lil Uzi Vert.



In 2009 a Nursery Rhyme appeared telling the tale of a boy who was in trouble for eating sugar. The rhymes goes “Johnny! Johnny!
Yes, Papa?
Eating sugar?
No Papa,
Telling a lie?
No Papa,
Open your mouth,
Ha! Ha! Ha!” Since it’s release it became popular again in 2018 with many remixes made about it. It really got popular when the Youtube Channel named BillionSupriseToys uploaded their own take on the Nursery Rhyme.





The “Real Name Google Search” is a meme where you asks Google what a celebrity’s full name is, and they give you a hilarious result.






During the month of September Elon Musk was smoking a joint on the Joe Rogan podcast. The way that Elon reacts to smoking the joint is what makes this a meme.




Bongo cat was created by twitter user DitzyFlama. It’s a gif or image of an animated white cat that makes music of different things. Since it became a meme is has been used in very many different situations.






A popular meme from October was the “Let’s Get  This Bread” The expression means that let’s work hard to get our money.





Another meme of October was the “Thank U, Next”. This was the title of Ariana Grande’s hit song that was released during the time. The meme either contains the lyrics “Thank You, Next” or “One Taught Me Love, One Taught Me Patience, and One Taught Me Pain.”




One of the most famous memes of November is the “Don’t Say It” meme. It’s a meme where you think something, but don’t want to say it, but your brain thinks it.




The other popular meme of the month was the “Surprised Pikachu” meme. This is a character from the popular animated show called  Pokémon. This is the scene from an episode that online users use as a “:O” reaction for things.




This meme originated because many people argue that since the movie “Die Hard” was filmed during the Christmas season/day but it isn’t classified as one.




After PETA released their own Anti-Animal saying chart, the internet decided to make their own memes from the same format.

While there are many mores memes during the year of 2018, I listed some that were very popular