What its like to be an EMT

Cameron Kline, writer

This week on The Scoop, EMTs are in the spotlight. An EMT is an emergency medical technician that works in an ambulance helping very sick or injured people.

There is a big responsibility of EMTs, with the job of keeping anyone in a life threatening situation alive until they get to the hospital, The knowledge is a huge part of our job, from my time as a training EMT, I have seen first hand the things that EMT’s have to deal with and the different type of situations and information they have to study. I find that there is a lot of important terms and vocabulary that has a strong impact on what EMTs do in the field. When talking to other EMTs and higher level professionals, the vocabulary and medical terms are very important in identifying the signs and symptoms going on with the patient.

The medical profession is a highly stressful work environment. I in my own experience, my training requires quick decision making skills. There is a certain degree of professionalism and tolerance for difficult situations that you must have. From my time in the medical training for being an EMT, I quickly realized that this job requires a certain level of stress tolerance. Stress is a very important thing to remember, especially with the environments that EMT professionals are exposed to. PTSD and excess stress is very common among them. The physical and mental aspects play a key role in the job of an EMT.

EMT individuals are very important to the emergency medical service. EMT workers make up the largest portion of the service and are on every medical emergency call. Not recognized nearly enough EMT workers have to deal with a lot of medical emergencies and often have a key role in saving the patient’s life. EMTs train for a minimum of six months and have to pass a national exam at the end of their class. And this requires commitment and dedication not just to further their career, but to the future victims they are going to help.

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