Advice for Upcoming Seniors


Molly Hathaway and Jonathan Perez

     High school can be stressful to handle, so I made a video asking current seniors for advice they would give to the underclassmen. As a senior, the advice I would give to the underclassmen is to stay focused on their future and set goals for yourself. With all the events that happen in high school it is very easy to lose sight on building your future. High school is a time period where you have to start thinking of a career and developing the skills to meet the goals you have set in place. I would also advise that when you set your goals, you think of multiple options/routes you can take to get the same outcome. It may not work out as you intended, so you will need a backup option just for that possibility. Before you notice you have to make some of the most important life decisions that determine the plot of your future. I talked to my peers and asked them what they would advise to the upcoming classes and they had things to say such as, “Have fun” and “Make sure to keep working hard, and don’t get senioritis too early”. If you can keep these tips in mind throughout your senior year, you should be able to have fun during high school and still have your future to look forward to.