The CASHS Choristers: Singing is Their Forte


Bailey Cassada, Co-Editor/Author

The CASHS Choristers is a select group of about 30 juniors and seniors from the Glee Club chosen by audition who perform at numerous events. They often sing at churches, school events, concerts, and the State Capital. They rehearse after school every Tuesday and have new songs as well as songs they already know from Glee Club. President Laura Aines and member Alydia Marangoni both agree that, “It’s a great opportunity to sing with a higher caliber of performers. Not to mention, you get out of school to perform all over Chambersburg and even get to travel to Harrisburg to sing at the capitol building! It’s a fun and enjoyable experience.” 

Choristers is not the only select group in Glee Club however. All of the members have the chance to audition for groups called Mirinesse and Esquires. They both consist of 12 students and have an additional song to perform at gigs and the Glee Club Concert. Mirinesse is the all female group while the Esquires are all male. This spring, the Mirinesse sing “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin and the Esquires sing “Tell my father” by Frank Wildhorn and “Up on the roof” by The Drifters.

On Wednesday, April 17, the Choristers performed at the State Capital building in Harrisburg. They sang many patriotic songs as well as songs included in their upcoming concert. The acoustics are incredible, with the high ceiling in the rotunda, the sound resonates all around creating an echoing effect. If you would like to see the Choristers and the rest of the Glee Club perform, be sure to attend the spring Glee Club concert on May 3! Tickets are $5.00 each and there is reserved seating.