Where should NHS and IB Diploma students volunteer?

Deanna Driscoll, Co-Editor

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After sophomore year, many students become involved in things that require community service volunteering. The National Honors Society requires 15 hours of service per school year after induction, and the IB program requires 50 hours. Many students, however, struggle to find places to volunteer. So where can they go?

The United Way – The United Way has a food drive that needs volunteers every February, but there are volunteer opportunities year round, including data entry and office organization.

The Chambersburg Hospital – The hospital has an abundance of volunteer opportunities year round.

Grove Family Library – The library has volunteer opportunities and is always in need of volunteers, because according to those who work at this library, oftentimes paid workers have to do work volunteers could be doing.

Diaper Depot – These events occur many many times throughout the school year and are easy to participate in.

Gleaning – This popular volunteer activity involves collecting leftover food on farms and occurs mostly in the summer and the first and second marking periods of the school year.

Tutoring – CASHS offers opportunities to tutor freshmen and sophomores in different subjects, which counts toward volunteering hours if done outside of school.

Shook Home – The Shook Home is an elderly home that accepts volunteers to help and spend time with the elderly living there.

There are many other volunteer opportunities but these are some of the easiest for high schoolers to do and get access to.