AFS Color Day Talent Show 2019

Morgan Reed, Writer

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Color Day is a yearly tradition for CASHS students. It is a day of fun and friendly competition between the classes. This year, the junior class took the trophy, ending the day with 13 points after the games and challenges.


In the morning, various acts perform in the Color Day Talent Show. This year there were eight acts going head to head to win some cash. There were singing acts, magic tricks and impersonations.


For singing we had 5 acts, performing songs that were close to their hearts, old songs done new and we even had an original song performed. Amid the acts, there were competitions done between the classes, to see who would get to start their day off winning.


After the competitions in the morning, the hosts, Mr. Wible and Mr. Unruh, would call up the foreign exchange students who have spent the last year here at CASHS for a brief interview. The interviews consisted of when they are leaving, what foods do they like here in America, and what foods do they miss from their home country.


We started the talent show off with a bang, with the group called Josh and the Boys performing the famous Led Zeppelin song Hysteria. They showed off their guitar skills along with the drums and singing. The show had one person sing modern songs with an opera twist and another group rapping and so forth.


The talent show ended with a heart wrencher. Rocky and Elijah sang a duet to Shallow, the newest song from Lady Gaga in her movie, A Star is Born. They sang their absolute hearts out, taking home the win for the 2019 Color Day Talent Show.


I asked some of my classmates about their opinions or reactions to the talent show and here are a few of their answers.


“This year could have been a lot better, it could use a lot more diversity.” – Deanna


“I thought it was okay, we sat next to some popular people and they were getting annoying, but the show overall was good. My favorite act were the boys who rapped.” – Luke


“It just kind of seemed repetitive, we have the same acts yearly, but everyone did a really good job.” – Kayla