Fight or Flight: Benefits and Disadvantages

Fight or Flight: Benefits and Disadvantages

Sydni Bratthauar, Writer

The Fight or Flight instinct has been around since the beginning of time. People stand their ground or others walk away. Each person has an idea if they could win or if they should just leave. Most people, especially in high school, fight based on something someone did or said. But there are benefits to both and disadvantages to both fighting or fleeing.

If someone chooses to fight, it means that they aren’t backing down or their just stubborn and it’s all for show. There are two types of fighting: physical or verbal. The most common type is verbal. Verbal fighting prevents you from acting out your frustrations, though if an argument gets too heated, people start throwing punches. Fighting could also help save or strengthen your relationship with that person. It doesn’t seem like something that tears you apart would also be a factor into rebuilding that bond, but it’s true. Even if they can’t agree, they still took into consideration the other side.

The disadvantages of fighting is when it starts to get physical. Yes, it blows off steam, but think about the person on the receiving end of your fist. Both you and the other person could get seriously injured. Physical fighting could also destroy your relationship. The best way to fight is verbally. There’s a line that should not be crossed when it comes to fighting.

The flight choice/walking away is associated with being cowardly, but the truth is that walking away takes a lot more courage than anyone thinks. Walking away can also be the smarter decision because some fights aren’t worth it. If someone is just shouting about some random thing, there is no use on fighting them. They’re just trying to get on your nerves and if you don’t react, they usually leave you alone. However, if someone is threatening you, a family member, a friend, etc, then the fight is worth it. You don’t necessarily have to get into a fight, just defend yourself or your family.

The courage it takes to walk away is much more than the courage it takes to fight. If you walk away, people will view you as a coward, but you’re actually braver than the person who wants to fight because you have the courage to face the criticism.

The disadvantage of walking away is the criticism. You’ll be chastised for being a coward, but you just have to ignore it.

All in all, fight or flight has benefits and disadvantages. Before you get caught in something or start something, weigh your options: Fight or Flight?

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