The final countdown part 2

Cameron kline, Writer

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    This week on the CASHS Spotlight is bailey Cassada. For the second edition of the final countdown. With only weeks away from the big day of graduation the seniors have been preparing and celebrating its almost here.

    To start Bailey was asked with being a few weeks away from graduation how do you feel?

Bailey said that she was excited knowing she’s been here for a while but, she’s ready for college.

A lot of students have been completely helped

    Secondly Bailey was asked what she would miss (just one thing)? She without hesitation said that she would miss the people Bc they have been so influential throughout her life and she’s going to miss them all.

    Thirdly Bailey was asked if she had any plans for after graduation? Bailey said that she will be attending Shippensburg university and will be majoring in communications/journalism.

    As the year finally comes to a close the seniors are preparing to take this last and final step into the adult world.