Amazonian Flames


Sydni Bratthauar, Editor

The Amazon Rainforest is a very important part of the planet. It absorbs huge amounts of greenhouse gases that cause global warming and is seen as vital to the fight against climate change. It is very saddening to see such a beautiful rainforest on fire.

People all around the world named numerous worries. Firstly, the fires could hurt the Brazilian exports and their economy. The Amazon is a big part of Brazil, so they are reliant on the Amazon for many things.

There is also some tension between the citizens of Brazil and the government. Many blame the right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro. He is said to be in favor of developing the Amazon.

The Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles, has said that the government doesn’t have enough money/funds to hire more permanent environmental enforcement agents. However, a group of seven wealthy nations have offered Brazil $20 million in aid. Unfortunately, Bolsonaro turned the offer down unless the French President takes back ‘insults’ against him. There is no knowledge of whether Brazil will take the offer or not. Brazil did take 10 million euros in aid from the UK.

Measures are being taken to stop the fires. Eleven million groups, including Abiec and IPAM, signed on to a campaign calling for more protection of the Amazon. There has also been talk of making the Amazon a national park because of the species that live there. This would help preserve the rainforest, which would be beneficial to the entire world.