Influence That Lasts A Lifetime


(Pictured) Mrs. Dizebba and senior, Isabelle Myers, pose for a picture in CASHS hallway.

Carly Stenger, Author

      Between studies and social cliques, high school can be a time that students find repulsive. Opposing that, high school has given students life long memories and opportunities to create relationships with peers and teachers.  I interviewed a couple of students, Lilana Reynoso and Isabelle Myers, who attend Chambersburg High School, regarding their favorite teachers throughout their high school careers. Below is information about my interviews with the girls regarding Ms. Nichole Kunkle and Mrs. Emily Dizebba, from Friday, September 6th.  


     I first asked Liliana, “Who is your favorite teacher at CASHS and what do they teach?” She informed me that her favorite teacher at CASHS is Ms. Kunkle and that she teaches algebra. She elaborated on why she liked Ms. Kunkle so much. “I actually didn’t like math, I did not like math at all,” Liliana explained. “Then, when I was in her class, she implemented activities that I found interesting. From then on I’ve enjoyed math more.” Liliana appreciated the fact that Kunkle would get her out of her comfort zone, which ultimately, helped her in the long run. For example, speaking in front of the class was an activity Kunkle encouraged. According to Liliana, she was very encouraging towards her students and always made them feel super comfortable. Besides her encouraging nature, Kunkle was simply described as, “a really good person.” Teachers have an immense influence upon their students and truly make a difference, so I asked Liliana to share what she would tell Kunkle, if by chance, she was reading the article. “I really enjoyed being in her class. She shaped me into a better person and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to know her. I would give her a big hug and tell her thank you,” Liliana explained. 

Ms. Kunkle and junior, Liliana Reynoso.

Moving forward, another student was interviewed about their favorite CASHS teacher. Her name is Isabelle Myers and she is currently a senior. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Dizebba, who teaches English. I wondered, “what qualities about Mrs. Dizebba make her such an efficient teacher?”  Isabelle responded, “Well, Mrs. Dizebba always makes sure that her students are excelling in their work. She also takes the time to make sure her students are doing okay each and every day, not just academically, but mentally and emotionally. I just love that woman!” Isabelle’s best memory from Mrs. Dizebba’s class was during a lesson plan where they were implementing improve. Isabelle thought it was cool how she participated in the lesson with the students, and was truly excited about it. Isabelle would want to tell Dizebba, “Thank you for making class so enjoyable and for making me want to come to school every single day!”


     The girls and I then went to see these teachers, and snapped some photos with them. Next time you see a teacher that has influenced you, tell them how thankful you are for them! You might just make their day!