The Trojan Coffee Shop Will Mocha You Smile


Matthew Neus, Author

On a normal day, the Trojan coffee shop located on the B300 wing makes hundreds of dollars selling drinks and food to students and faculty. Run by students of Chambersburg High School, students and faculty can come in during 1st and 3rd period to purchase a wide variety of coffee, tea, and snacks. For the students that work there, with the help from Mr. Jacobs, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Purcell, learn valuable lessons on working and how to handle real life situations while in a low stress environment. 

All of the lessons learned by the students who work there are vital to their education. The lessons they learn, like handling money and taking orders, help them in real world situations they might face later on in their lives. There is never a day that goes by where a lesson is not learned from the coffee shop, whether  it is counting change after an order or taking an order for a fellow peer. And again, all of those lessons can help the students who run the coffee shop grow as a student. 

” Working in the coffee shop has helped students build confidence”, said Mrs. Neus, another helping hand in the coffee shop. She believes every student benefits from the experience of working for the coffee shop and the coffee shop has changed every single student’s lives in the long run. “Students learn to be accountable and responsible. Running this coffee shop is hard work and our students take the responsibility seriously”.