The Chambersburg Trojans 2020 Senior Class

Keyshawn Jones, Author

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At Chambersburg Area Senior High school, their football team is led by a senior group. Not all 22 of them have been playing together since the 8th grade, but majority of them have been. They are all good at what they do, and over the years have gotten better and better with what they do and how they do it every year. I doubt any of them would like to claim that 0-10 season due to the fact that there was a senior cancer throughout that team that just was not able to go away. But, when the team was led by the class of 2020 all of that changed and the class just seemed to bring a swagger that has not been apart of the Chambersburg Trojans for a long time if not ever. Last year, they made it to the playoffs with a 7-3 record after being doubted and not respected for many years. The Trojans have not made it to the playoffs in many, many years.

Furthermore, that did not stop the junior class which is now the senior class from forgetting about the past and leading the team to the playoffs. Sadly, Chambersburg advanced to the playoffs and lost 20-17 to Manheim Township. Even though that game was very emotional for a lot of them, it was also the turning of a new leaf. More life to come to the Chambersburg Trojans and more wins in the future for sure.  This coming year, they plan to go even further and win even more games. Even with having one of the toughest schedules in the whole Mid-Penn, even arguably the state, this senior group looks to carry this team and make the town of Chambersburg proud.

This senior class did not just start in high school though. They have played in little leagues against each other and duked it out against each other then. They all had great respect for each other and played very hard against each other as well. In a way, it shaped a lot of their relationships and work ethic to this day. Playing together in middle school only elevated that bond and connection that was stemming through youth football which was called the KYFL (Keystone Youth Football League). With that being said, these guys did not just come together in high school and just started playing football and became good. It took time, losses, blood, sweat, and tears to get to where they are today. Now, in their last season together, and for some last season ever playing football, it is all or nothing this year and they are determined to go and get it.