Jayden Jones, Author


At Chambersburg Area Senior High School, a traditional annual event is held in the month of September. Homecoming is a popular event that is loved by many, it’s a school dance for everyone from grades 9th-12th located in the field house gym. The official homecoming is held September 21st of 2019 and all students of CASHS will be allowed to join their friends in style and have a fun time dancing, food and drinks will also be provided throughout the dance. In order to get into the dance you must go during the week of homecoming, to the cafeteria and pick up your tickets for $5.

 While everyone is preparing to get their dresses and suits CASHS is also planning its homecoming week in school, throughout the week the school participates in spirit week which everyday they present a new idea of outfits to wear. Also during homecoming week there is a Homecoming parade which students and school clubs, or out of school activities create decorative floats that represents a theme and ride on it to their destination.

During this phenomenal week the Trojans hold a Powder Puff game where the females become football players and the males become cheerleaders and it is a full on flag football game of all grades. You can sign up for Powder Puff two weeks prior of homecoming. Also the Chambersburg Trojans Football team has a game the 20th of September against a great opponent State College to end the great week on a Friday night.


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