Powder Puff Game

Antony Catarino

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This year our annual homecoming Powder puff game is generating lots of excitement to the students and any other audience attending the game. This takes place every year around the homecoming week, it’s an event held during the week of homecoming that helps show school spirit for such an exciting week.


The powder-puff game is a variety of different football games in which girls from different grades team up according to their grade and face off. Every grade is included from 9th (freshmen) through 12th (seniors) grader. The winner is decided by a tournament set up bracket in which the teams with the most wins face off in a final game to decide the winner.


Other activities during this day include the pre-game parade in which a variety of cash’s clubs and extracurricular activities like sports and band also participate in this parade. They usually include different types of floats and other unique ideas to be involved in the parade. Also during the game there is a fun switch of plans when the girls are the ones playing in the football game and the guys show their support as cheerleaders. In conclusion the excitement for the game grows more and more as the fans can’t wait till be there and watch, support and show their school spirit.