Length of a School Lunch

Guillermo Kaempfer

How long do think a high school lunch should be? At Chambersburg High School it lasts 30 minutes tying into an hour long period. Previously in 2017, students were provided with an hour long lunch. However, due to a lack of educational hours and internal conflicts in the school lunch time was halved. Although rather than portioning out time for each class, one was made roughly an hour long. Truthfully, lunch periods should be extended while class time is evenly distributed.

Having a longer lunch allows for students to have more time to socialize rather than just eat, especially for those who wait in line. This would allow for students to enjoy an actual break throughout the day. With the extended lunch kids may also be in a better and more optimistic mood. Another benefit from this schedule change would be giving all school periods throughout the day a more balanced amount of time. This way some classes don’t get too far ahead and every class is given an equal amount of time to teach. One more point would be that during lunch, some students have a chance to make up work or serve detention time. 

Although an increased lunch could potentially cause a couple more days to the end of the year, most would agree that a longer lunch all year is worth the extra days. Additionally, the change would help balance out the day for students and staff alike. Therefore, Chambersburg High School would benefit immensely from expanding upon lunch time and rescheduling school hours.