Lowering the Cost of Tuition

Lowering the Cost of Tuition

Jayden Jones, Author

To attend colleges cost a lot of money and it deserves to be lowered by the government so that everyone has a fair chance of gaining an education. This is an issue in today’s society because some people have family problems which can get in the way of getting into a college and the high cost of tuition is the main reason students don’t go onto college.

           Lowering the prices of tuition would be a would be beneficial to everyone, according to ‘The DailyGazette’ , “some may skip college due to the many expenses that come with going to college.” This shows how many people end up not attending colleges after high school because of the high cost, it is also proven that the number one reason students don’t enroll in college is because of the high, expensive cost.

           Students who graduate college want to do something they would enjoy but some can’t get a career they enjoy because of the cost of the classes. Also stated by ‘The DailyGazette’ that, “ lowering the cost would be that students would be open to more college choices without worrying”. This shows how students will then have more opportunities of different choices and careers at a lower, more affordable cost and then it still leaves room for other necessities such as groceries, supplies and some students may have bills.

     Finally, the United States is highly populated and everyone deserves a chance of education,”although lowering college tuition is a risky issue for colleges, it might be a risk that the United States should take for more Americans to be educated.” What is better than a very well educated country where everyone has the same equal amount of chance to get a college diploma and get a career of choice they would like to pursue.



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