Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Matthew Neus, Author

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College athletics are some of the most watched sporting events on television every year. It ranges from March Madness to the College Football Playoff and every national championship in between. With all the media exposure, the question on whether these athletes should be paid is a recurring question. Many athletes are pushing for payment while some states like California have passed laws and bills to allow athletes to make a profit of their names and likeliness. But with everything a college athlete gets from the university they attend, should they really be getting paid? That answer is clearly no.

With big name athletes declaring to play for their school, many universities offer full ride scholarships to those athletes to ensure they will come to their university. With a scholarship in place, tuition along with room and board and food are included for the athlete. With that, an athlete on a scholarship will receive a college education for free. That’s saving the athlete on average $9,000 per year, while others will have to pay in full for an education.

While big championships like football and basketball getting put on national television networks, huge amounts of revenue is brought in from those networks. But what about smaller sports like baseball and soccer? Those sports don’t get nearly enough media time, thus not bringing in a big enough profit. So, if bigger sports get paid bigger paychecks, that will cause problems with smaller sports getting a smaller paycheck. 

The main goal of college for a student is to get an education, which costs money. If universities start to pay athletes, money from academics will start being used for athletics.If that happens, the large amount of students their for an education will suffer while the few their for athletics will benefit. 

So, by paying college athletes many problems will arise. Problems regarding weather or not education is valued anymore or if every athlete will get the same payout. An although many say paying college athletes will help the athletes with living expenses during school, will it all go towards that?  By giving full ride scholarships along with taking money away from education, college athletes should not be paid.