Grading Teachers: Elevate Class Success

Tyrion Hodges, Author

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Students around the world are being graded daily on their performance by teachers on tests, projects, and even participation. The fate of a students grade is put solely into the hands of one person based on his/her beliefs, with this being the case the question “Should students be able to grade their teachers” is often posed. Students should be able to grade their teachers because it’d give a good representation of who’s doing their job correctly, hold teachers accountable, and void any type of favoritism that occurs. 

First the process of grading teachers would give a good representation of who is doing their job correctly. A teacher’s main goal is to teach and do it as efficiently as possible, with a grading system in place evaluation of teachers would show you exactly how students feel about what they’ve learned. Many teachers feel as though they are teaching content in the best way and are very adamant about their opinions, but in many situations this is not the case, with a grading system direct results can be found on the most effective way students interpret things. 

Next the grading of teachers would hold them accountable, teachers have minimal supervision when in a classroom with the acceptance of a few classroom observations throughout the year. Although this is used to give teachers critical feedback and help improve their classroom management, the fact of the matter is when these observations are conducted more often than not the teacher is giving an inaccurate representation of how class is run daily, instead an act is out on and a false perception is created.

Finally, if teachers were graded the amount of favoritism shown would be limited, although teachers are an elite presence in the workforce they are human just like everyone else and sometimes their judgment can be misguided, this is often times the case when they have students that are favored as opposed to others, this causes them to be more lenient with certain students, which is unfair to those who are not favored.

Overall, the grading of teachers would lead to better classroom management and allow students to voice their opinion on the way they would like to learn. For most the rebuttal to this solution is that some students may not be truthful. This may be the case for a few students but the fact of the matter is, with the amount of students it is highly unlikely that the majority would be untruthful.