Patriot Federal Credit Union at CASHS


Matthew Neus, Author


Ever wonder why there is a Patriot Federal Credit Union right here in the CASHS cafeteria? Well, it is a full running credit union open for students and staff here at CASHS. Students are employed by Patriot through the co-op program and are able to work during school as well as after school. They are open during all 3 lunch waves and can help you with your banking needs. 


“Working with Patriot Federal Credit Union has been an excellent experience for me that I will carry with me the rest of my life,” said senior Alex Lapinski. Every student that works for Patriot through the co-op program develops numerous skills that will help them after high-school as they begin the next chapter in their lives. “Patriot has helped me develop better communication skills and help me be more proactive when problems arise in the workplace,” said junior Lexi Ramirez-Teo. 


Some skills that students gain from working range from time management to trustworthiness. Alex says, “Patriot has helped me acquire many skills that have prepared me for college and life after college. Dependability and professionalism are to name a few.” With the help of Patriot Federal Credit Union, all student employees gain valuable lessons that will help them post high school and into their early secondary education. 

Alex Lapinski, senior, makes sure his drawer balances at the end of the day.