From CASHS to Keystone


Kristalyn Reilly, Writer

If you have ever been to keystone pediatrics you may have noticed the colorful and creative art work around the rooms such as the fun and playful underwater theme of the waiting room and the variety of different unique themes of the exam rooms. These paintings help to make kids feel more at ease and worry less about their appointment by making the rooms feel less cold and add more imagination to the room with beautiful colors and cute characters. In keystone pediatrics nine rooms are to be designed theses rooms include 1 canvas painting, two ceiling tiles and one bed per room. You may wonder who does these projects. Well the answer to that is no one other than some of the few selected kids involved in the art course that Chambersburg Area Senior High School (CASHS) has to offer.

This is a way for CASHS to give back to the community and do something fun and meaningful. This is a great experience for the students involved and shows that there is still a need for art and shows the importance that art plays by making something bad like going the doctors a little better. Some of the students who were selected to do this specific project include Andres Lira, Joyce Li, Elizabeth Nguyen, and Alma Guerrero. They have been working hard and have even completed the beds for these nine rooms already. The designs are creative and adorable and something that these students should be very proud of creating.

This is something that these students will be able to leave behind when they go on to do big things and it is something that is a once in a lifetime thing. Not only is this a big deal for the students but also keystone pediatrics they are getting new, fresh, creative pieces made by the students of their community. It’s a fun and cool way for the students of CASHS to give back to the community and feel as if they actually made a difference.