Should there be stricter rules on how coaches treat their players?


Keyshawn Jones, Author

Coaches and players tend to develop a relationship that no one but those two will understand. With that can be a blessing, but also a problem at the same time for the people on the outside looking in. Some people say that it’s “motivating” or “pushing” the player to do better, while others may argue that it is abusive and not right. Rutgers University coach, Mike Rice, was fired on December 13, 2012 and fined $50,000 for abusive behavior towards his players. This sent people into an outrage and rubbed many people the wrong way when the video of Mike Rice throwing balls at his players, shoving them, and lightly kicking them leaked. Although his former student manager claimed that Coach Mike Rice had a “fiery” approach to the game, he was also in disbelief due to the firing and the video that was put out. He stated that he did not believe that was the type of person that Mike Rice really is, and that it put out a false perception of Mike Rice. But what does that really matter? The world we live in today, perception is reality. To all athletes, think if there has been a point in time where your coach got on you a little. What did it do to you? How did it make you feel? Did you perform better or did you start playing even worse? I personally do not think there should be any stricter rules on how coaches treat their players because everyone is different and a coach should know that each player is different and should react accordingly. If not, then that person should not be coaching.