Dangers of Friendships between the NBA and China

Jayden Jones, Author

Recently trending on the news are our National Basketball Association and China over a tweet on twitter that was sent out that may interrupt the friendship and relationship between the NBA and China. The Tweet that was sent out was sent out on twitter was a picture posted by Houston Rockets general manager said, “ Fight for FREEDOM stand with HONG KONG”. This picture soon crossed the lines of China because of the issues occurring in Hong Kong.GM  Daryl Morey’s quickly deleted the post but obviously it was too late before many people have seen it.The tweet basically a message supporting protests in Hong Kong who are currently involved in demonstration that began in opposition to propose legislation The backlash of Morey’s tweet was caught by a Chinese consulate in Houston who said it was”strong dissatisfaction”. Also Chinese sponsors within the league reported that they are most likely going to cut ties within the NBA. According to cbssports.com ,Some major threats that the NBA and the Houston Rockets have faced or already faced is that the ,” NBA Cares event with Nets players in Shanghai was also canceled on Tuesday by the Chinese board of education”. Also, “The Rockets could potentially lose $25 million in sponsorship boycotts due to Morey’s tweet”. Finally, “The Chinese Basketball Association has canceled planned exhibition games with the NBA G League affiliates of both the Rockets and Maverick later this month in China.” additionally other things such as Chinese sports brands and Televised broadcast of the NBA and China’s team will also be cut off. The Head of China basketball association asked the NBA commissioner to fire the GM of the Rockets but Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner) responded with a quick “no” because Morey later on explained clearly that he was well miss-informed and he eventually educated for different points of view.Image result for nba and china dispute