Should We Have Our Cell Phones In School?

Liliana Reynoso, Author

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The argument of students having phones out during the school day is very unnecessary.Why?Students should be allowed to carry their phones while in school because cell phones can be used as emergency tool because now schools get closed because of many reasons, sometimes they are closed because of natural disasters or school shootings.Cell phones can also be used as reminders because when students are in school they have more than one class so that means that they have a lot of assignments and homework that they have to finish on time.So it is very important for these students to use cell phones.

A app like can help students remember when to submit in specific class work and also know when a test is coming up.Another reason why we should use our cell phones in school is because we can use them to access the internet.Students in school need internet to do research for projects or even if their teachers want them to look something up real quick.So I hope some people will understand why we should be allowed to carry our cellphones around during school hours.