Do violent video games make a violent person?

Keyshawn Jones, Author

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There has been much speculation on whether a young kid playing a violent video game will turn the kid into a violent person or not. Dartmouth University claims they have studies proving that children and teens who play violent video games end up being more violent in real life.Researchers at Dartmouth University examined the results of 24 studies between 2010 and 2017, including over 17,000 participants from nine to nineteen years old. The study showed that the participants ended up having a heightened aggressive behavior. This has been an ongoing issue that has been addressed several times throughout the years. Due to violent video games being so prevalent across the country. Ask yourself these questions: How do you feel when you are playing video games that involve violence? Do you then take those actions out in real life situations? If so, that could be a direct impact from the violence that you expose your mind to while playing these video games. According to the National Center for Health Research, over time, it not only increases the individual’s aggression, it also decreases their ability to feel empathy. With the violent video games just getting started and only getting worse, so we shall see how this all plays out for our future.