Breaking New Game


Mariano Durazo, Author

If you haven’t heard, there is a brand new game out called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It was released October 25, 2019. The company Activision made the game with the help of another company called Infinity Wards. Activision has other amazing games like the Black ops series and the Modern Warfare series. Activision released The Original Call of Duty in 2003. That was the start of the multi Billionaire Company.

The game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was first announced back in May with a trailer that had the gaming community shocked. Many Call of Duty fans have been asking for a game where there’s no futuristic things involved only present and past. This game gave them exactly what they wanted. People couldn’t wait to play so they released an early version of the game over the summer to test out what they would change and like to improve on. The game sold 4.7 million copies digital across consoles and PC.

The game has now been out for 1 month and they still have been improving the gaming experience. There are many famous people like Tyler Blevins(Ninja) who enjoy playing this game. There are also professional organization like Faze and OpTic who compete in tournaments. Right now there hasn’t been a big tournament like in other Call of Duty games. Some famous people host little tournaments for money.