Does Dress Code Send the Right Message?


Carly Stenger, Author

    As we all know, CASD does have a dress code. Some of our school’s dress code rules include not having holes above the knee, sleeves have to be two inches long, etc. I think students often times over exaggerate the dress code. The dress code does not necessarily deliver a bad message.  

      Many schools enforce full on uniforms for their students, which I do think is extreme. We do not want kids to compare themselves to others, which is bound to happen when everyone is wearing the same outfit day after day. It also prevents students from fully expressing their individuality. So, I do not feel that CASD dress code is anything to be upset over or complain about when compared to uniforms. Many people get offended by dress codes because they feel that they are sexist. I do not believe that CASD dress code in specific was intended to be sexist in any way, shape or form. Though, some may see it this way. 

     Contrary to these points, dress code is really not something that teachers should be focusing a large portion of their time addressing. This adds more stress to their schedules and to the students too. 

    Though the dress code can be a stressful, I do not think it is a negative thing.  Sure, when the weather is extremely hot, there are days I wish I was able to wear shorts to school. Contrary wise, I think CASD dress code is pretty lenient with what students are permitted to wear.