Jet Powered Smart Car

Guillermo Kaempfer

During 2015, Bill Berg introduced a jet powered 2008 Smart Car. A miraculously, street legal car capable of 2000 horsepower. With the attachment Berg has made the petite smart car capable of breaking 200 mph. What helped the car reach the speed was the installment of a helicopter engine. The specific engine attached to the back of the car was a General Electric T58-GE03.Image result for Bill Berg introduced a jet powered 2008 Smart Car"

The idea to add the jet to the car was Bill Berg’s, the decision was made in Telluride, Colorado high up in the Rocky Mountains. Within the rear of the car is a variety of components dedicated the maintaining the engine. When active the engine will burn through 15 gallons of fuel roughly every five minutes. With the use of the intricate system the car can reach 170 mph in only 9 seconds, while also having a top speed of 220 mph. One of the driving reasons for Berg’s car was for the company he’s employed at, Rocketbilly Racing. Overall, Berg is responsible for one of the fastest, and somehow street legal smart cars.