College Athletes

Antony Catarino

Should college athletes get paid ? This has been an ongoing debate which the N.C.A.A and many sports analysts have yet to agree on.  The current stance on this situation is that the state of California will permit college athletes from The state of California to be allowed to profit from endorsements or any profits received from their image. This law has been passed only in California for now,and will only begin to take effect starting in the year 2023.  This law impedes the N.C.A.A specifically from punishing players for receiving payments due to their image such as any kind of endorsement deals.  


It is no secret that the NCAA does not agree with the idea of college athletes benefiting because of their talent as they are known to believe that college athletes are only amateurs and shouldn’t have to financially profit from their talents, as they are not considered professionals quite yet. While the NCAA has ideologies such as these it makes everyone who is involved in this discussion wonder why major football and basketball college coaches are currently being paid millions of dollars annually. The fact that big athletic departments are currently receiving income profits of millions of dollars and ,the NCAA itself has reported slightly more than 1 billion dollars in revenue and 27 million dollars in profit in one fiscal year that terminated in August 2018,With recorded profits like these the question of where all the money goes gains momentum while tension grows.  In its defense, many colleges and universities have came out and explained that although departments are making more money than ever they’ve also said that for every dollar made they’ve had to spend a dollar invested back in their industry. Money that’s invested back internally for example Texas university has spent quite the amount from their profits in their new luxurious locker room for their football players with luxuries such as multiple 43 inch TVs for the enjoyment of their athletes.  


One of the biggest reasons why many support the thought of these athletes getting paid is because it’s believed they undergo a very strict regimen schedule.