Chambersburg Heads into Playoffs

Jayden Jones, Author

Chambersburg Football Heads to Take on Wilson in The First Round of Playoffs

On November 1st, 2019 Chambersburg Trojans travel to Reading, Pa to take on Wilson Bull Dogs for the first round of playoffs in the Mid Penn Commonwealth,District lll 6A league. Chambersburg has had a rough year with some games that should’ve been won, but they have advanced into the playoffs as the 8th seed and they’re coming for blood.This game would mean a lot to the Trojans because it would be their first playoff win in history and there are odds against them that need to be beaten such as all the talk going around. On the Franklin County Sports page many reporters have the Trojans losing, all but two reporters. Players on the Trojans such as Keyshawn Jones Joey Fuller give their input for their pregame. Jones says” I’m feeling very confident coming out against the no.1 seed and confident with the game plan to beat these guys. Fuller says that “I’m pretty nervous at first because it was my first time playing in a playoff game but once we started bumping pads i’ll be fine. Trojans with a record of (6-4)are looking forward to this game against the Wilson Bulldogs with a record of (9-1).





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