Why We Should Be Keeping Earth Clean

Liliana Reynoso, Author

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Air,water,and land the three main resources that this planet we call Earth has and all of it is polluted.The air being polluted by burning different fuels and driving cars,the water being wasted and trash being thrown into it or even chemically polluted,and finally the land being polluted by trash on it or it being buried within the land.All of these things that we do to our planet are bad and we need to try to put a end to it.To try and stop the damage we have already done,here are some things I think we should do. The first thing to stop polluting the air is to start walking or riding a bike to close places because I don”t think you need a car to go right around the corner.

Riding a bike or walking doesn’t pollute the air like cars and buses do.Some things to do to not pollute the water are taking shorter showers and turning off the water when we aren’t using it.Even making sure that the chemicals that you are using aren’t being dumped down the drain is a good thing,or even finding a safer chemical is better. To keep our land pollution free we can recycle different types of trash that we throw out.We can even make sure that our trash goes to the right place by keeping the lids on the trash cans we leave outside so that the trash doesn’t end up in the environment again.

Those aren’t the only ways that we can keep our earth clean some other ways are using a reusable bag when shopping or using a reusable water bottle.You can even shop in bulk,shopping in bulk does’t use as much packaging as it would if you would buy something smaller.Another thing is to start composting,composting reduces the amount of garbage that we put into the landfills.Any of these things can change the way the environment looks and can help slow down the damage we have already done to our home.