Is Standardized Testing Worth It?


Matthew Neus, Author

During the latter part of the school year, schools across the country prepare for standardized testing. Every spring students are tested on general knowledge they should’ve learned throughout the entire year, from reading and writing to math. Students are graded on a scale of 4 tiers, from below basic, basic, proficient, and advanced. But, is it fair to judge a student off of one single test at the end of a school year?


When thinking about a test, you usually think about a recap of a unit that spans for about 2-3 weeks. But for standardized tests they test students off of information from the entire year, which causes major stress in teens as they try to comprehend a years worth of education for a two day test. Also, classic teaching styles are replaced by a “teach to the test” method. Teachers are also put under pressure since their students performance is a reflection of their teaching, so teachers often opt to teach skills that will help students score higher. This shouldn’t be done as each student learns differently at a different pace and many students are feeling the pressure to perform for one test.


All in all, standardized testing is not a fair judgement of a student’s growth as many students feel the stress of learning a year’s worth of material for one week of testing. And, many teachers also feel pressure from the test as they are forced to teach based on the test because their performance as a teacher is based off of their students growth. In conclusion, standardized testing is not beneficial as it provides inaccurate growth based off of stress and different teaching habits.