IPhones Vs Androids


Carly Stenger, Author

So, you need a new phone. The big question is, IPhone or Android? Without a doubt, IPhone is the better route to take. IPhones have better quality cameras, more storage, and overall, are more efficient. Do not purchase an Android device. 

      I have an IPhone, and I can tell you that I am completely satisfied with it. The IPhone is able to take as good of quality photographs as certain cameras on the market. So, when you buy an IPhone, you are saving yourself a purchase of an expensive camera. With features like “portrait mode” that are high quality, you really cannot go wrong. You are able to capture important moments with high quality features. The camera on an Android phone does not compare. 

     In addition to this, IPhones have better games available for download. Also, there is more storage available on IPhones, therefore, you can download more games. Why buy a phone that you can not use to your full advantage? There is nothing more annoying than running out of storage and having to delete loads of images and apps. Especially because our images carry our memories with us. Something that is very important is the security of these images and other things we may have on our phones. Apple has worked on improving the security of their products with things such as the touch ID feature. 

    Lastly, the IPhone is way more efficient. The accessibility of an Android is so complicated. Android is a bit different on devices depending on the manufacturers. With an IPhone, this is not an issue at all. IOS (IPhone) is less cluttered, which is a big plus. No one likes to feel unorganized, it makes us uneasy. Making basic calls and text messages can be made complicated on an Android device. Do not purchase an Android device because you will regret it!