James Wiseman Scandal


Colin Castro, Author

Penny Hardaway is the new Memphis head coach, and there is a huge scandal going on. Penny is said to have paid the number one recruit James Wiseman 11,500 dollars for him to move to Memphis. As of last night they played Oregon and they lost seventy- four to eighty- two. But they played Wiseman which is supposed to not be allowed because he is ineligible.

Wiseman played a lot of games and finished with fourteen points because he had early foul trouble. But he should be able to play because Hardaway payed the money when Wiseman was in high school to help the family out. Although he was such a big recruit it shouldn’t change the fact that if it was another player with not such a high caliber then it wouldn’t have been such a big deal.They are going to go to court and if they lose the NCAA could not be able to play in march madness which is the biggest tournament in college basketball.

With all of this said James wiseman should be allowed to play because he is a great player and although Penny Hardaway did help his family move to Memphis it should not alter Wiseman’s career who could possibly be the number pick in the 2020 Nba draft.