Chambersburg Holiday Book Drive

Chambersburg Holiday Book Drive

Sydni Bratthauar, Editor

This year I am part of the Chambersburg Holiday Book Drive and I wanted to spread awareness about this project.

I emailed the project leader, Kelton Chastulik, and asked a few questions about the Book Drive. Here’s what he had to say:

What is the Book Drive all about?

“The Chambersburg Holiday Book Drive is a grassroots volunteer project created to connect Chambersburg High School students and alumni through the collection, organization, and donation of books given to us by community members,” Kelton answered. The books are donated to many places: shelters, literacy councils, prisons, children’s advocacy groups, and many more. You can also donate toys this year along with any books you want to give. The project has alumni mentors that teach the new volunteers how to do service well and how to create/manage their own projects. The Book Drive is also good for getting any service hours, if you need them.


What events are planned thus far?

“Currently, we have a book drop off set up for November 23rd before the Holiday Parade from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at Kerrstown Square.” They are also looking for local businesses that are willing to partner with them to have book drop offs. Unfortunately, there are no takers, yet, but they’re not giving up! Kelton said it is likely that they will do a book organizing event and end of year celebration!


Is there a limit on volunteers?

“There is no limit on volunteers and if you’re interested in joining us, please email at [email protected]!”


Is there a limit on books?

Kelton said that there is no limit on books, so donate as many as you want! The Book Drive finds a place for every book donated.


Can any genre of book be donated?

“Any genre can be donated, but we are looking for a diverse range of reading material.” However, the Book Drive does not encyclopedias or magazines.


Kelton even sent some statistics from last year’s Book Drive. Last year was the first year the Book Drive was launched and was very successful! They collected 5,000+ books from community members, organizations, and even a local author who donated 500 books! The Book Drive donated books 17 different organizations last year: Chambersburg YMCA, Franklin County Shelter, Franklin County Prison, Franklin County Literacy Council, NETwork Ministries, etc. Kelton explained, “We had done all of the collecting in less than 30 days and all of the organization in two weeks last year. This year- a lot more planned and thought out.”

The Chambersburg Holiday Book Drive is a wonderful project to be a part of and even if you don’t volunteer, you can still donate books and toys to brighten someone’s day!


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @cburgholidaybookdrive