Guillermo Kaempfer

Combining both driving and flying into one vehicle is what the company AeroMobil and it’s invested team has dedicated itself to. The vehicles they produce are capable of taking off into the air just as easily as they can drive down the road. What inspired the concept was the first flying car in 1917 which was left untouched for decades. The company itself was started in 2010, although the production began back in 1990. 

The concept of a vehicle capable of on road transportation and flight drove the team forward for the first 20 years of the project. After completing the first prototype, adjustments were made building up to 2014, where it was introduced to the world and received a prestigious award from Popular Science magazine for being Invention of the year. After 24 years of work, the first prototype crashed on May 8, 2015, although most would see this as a setback everyone involved continued to work hard, using the failure as a chance to improve. 

Following the crash, pilot Stefan Klien was hospitalized, but managed to survive and was released. Around a similar time the company announced their most recent model expected to be shown off in 2025. All in all, AeroMobil hopes to revolutionize transportation with their combination of both land and air travel.