Netherlands’s Preview for 2020 Euros

Netherlands's Preview for 2020 Euros

Colin Castro, Author

For a few years now the Netherlands has been building a really solid team, it helps that they have such a great pool of players to choose from such as players like Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt. They have secured a spot in the 2020 European championship which is a huge event in Europe and millions of people from other countries watch this major events. The crazy thing is two of the stars of their team have made huge deals, with Frenkie going to Spain to play for Barcelona, and Matthijs going to Italy to play for Juventus. With this being said they are so young and they are still focusing on the soccer and that is a great thing to see.
Georginio Wijnaldum has also been a huge part of their team and is really turning into the heart and sole of this great team. He had a hat trick in the 5-0 win over Estonia. Although Estonia isn’t a great opponent it still shows the character of the team to keep trying to win even though they have always qualified. We have seen so many times in history a team coming into a tournament over confident and ending up losing bad just look at Brazil at the 2014 World Cup when they were hosting the tournament and ended up losing 7-1 to Germany in the semi – final match, but the Netherlands are showing a lot of character and they are looking as they might even be favorites for the tournament.

Back in 2016 the winner of the tournament were Portugal and although they were the winners they are simply not seen as favorites this tournament even though they still have one of the game’s best scores Christiano Ronaldo. France was the winner of the 2018 world cup and should be seen as the favorites with having Kylian Mbappe and tons of other stars. But other teams like the Netherlands, Germany, England, and even Spain could shock the world and win the 2020 Euros, even though it’ll be a difficult tournament there is no doubt that these teams have the great coaches and amazing talent to pull it off.