White or Blue? Old Tradition or New?

Carly Stenger, Author

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   As many at CASHS know, the class of 2020 girls’ are now also wearing navy blue gowns for graduation. CASHS tradition in the past has been for females to wear the white gowns and males to wear the navy blue gowns in representation of our school’s colors. This change has brought many upcoming graduates and their parents frustration. 

     I have been seeing posts all over social media about this change. I have even seen petitions being formed and signed to make a change back to white gowns. Some people are saying that it is not fair to change tradition and force the girls to wear a gown they do not find appealing. Others argue that it is just a color and that either way, we are graduating. So, why the change? Well, this question has not been given a confirmed answer.  

      Cashs students have been bringing their opinions to officials in order to create change. A large reason why many students are frustrated is because they felt unprepared for this news. Others are frustrated because they feel as though there are more important changes to be made within our school district. Either way, this topic has a lot of sides to it and students are not holding back.