Magic Postcards

Sydni Bratthauar, Editor

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Remember when the teachers made the students write a postcard to a teacher, another student, or someone else, thanking them and telling them how much we appreciate said person?

I sent a postcard to a CASHS teacher recently and was surprised when she wanted to see me. I went up to her room and she thanked me for writing the postcard, which is a normal thing to do. But what made me the happiest was when she said that my postcard was just what she needed. This teacher has been having a rough go lately, so she was very happy to receive the postcard.

We think that the postcards are just another assignment, but in reality, they are the gifts that people need.Words are powerful tools to use and I urge you, the next time this postcard “assignment” comes up, write a nice note to anyone. Just a few simple words can brighten someone’s day or entire week!