Varsity Boys Basketball

Natalia Nice and Colin Castro

Although the season has just begun, our varsity boys basketball team, here at CASHS, has been overall successful in winning. This team has no problem showing great teamwork skills and executing the plays needed to successfully win. They put the words “team work makes the dream work” into action! It’s important to note that they have won all of their games so far. This includes their Greencastle-Antrim game (80-53) and their Mifflin County game (66-26). 


To get a real idea of how well our boys are doing, we observed their Mifflin County game that was held here at CASHS at 7:30pm. They did especially well in this game, basically crushing their opponents; score of 66-26. The game played out pretty smoothly, few fouls here and there and one possible injury. The possible injury was caused by one of the players, Malaki Blair (shoot guard), from our team landed on his back with much force that it knocked the wind out of him. Many were concerned because he was immobile for about 3 minutes, but he was able to recover incredibly fast and finished the game with ease. 


We interviewed one of the players to get their point of view. Aaron Maynard is one of the seniors on the team, with the jersey number of 11. His position is point guard and plays a big part of the team. Firstly, we asked his input on their performance so far, “So far, I feel we have played well but nowhere near what were are capable of”. He mentioned an upcoming game that has been on his and his team mate’s minds, “The Midpenn is a very competitive district. So we have to go into every game ready to play, however we don’t fear any team, we can play with everyone in the Midpenn”. That’s the type of optomissism that drives a team to success! An important goal he mentioned was, “As a team we try to take it one game at a time but I feel a good goal for this year is to be competitive in the Midpenn and get a home game for districts”. His motivation and drive showcases a true team player. 


Overall, our boys have been performing very well and constantly prove their worth as a team. Not only do they make each other proud, but the school as well. As the season progresses, there are sure to be some hardships, but with their talent and passion for the game and the overall sports is bound to drive them to success.