CASHS Soccer

Guillermo Kaempfer and Antony Catarino

With roughly 4 billion fans soccer is the most popular and dominant sport in the world. Every fall marks the beginning of boys soccer at Chambersburg High School, last season the team made it to the second round of districts. Although they lost to Dallas Town the team managed to win 11 games throughout the season.  With a couple of severe lows like an 8-0 against Central Dauphin the boys managed to keep on moving forward and competing toe to toe with some of the best teams in the area . With many of their stars players leaving last season 2018-2019 there were many doubts before that start this year. Key players such omarion Duncan(top goalscorer), Chuy Munoz,and Tyler luther. 


The varsity squad had many doubts at the start of a season. Although they were able to pull off a semi successful season reaching round two of districts. They were not able to go all the way but the school and everyone who followed their trajectory can agree they gave it all.  They’re are most definitely high moments to highlight like them defeating a very respected opponents like cumberland valley. Also some of their players were individually recognized at the end of the season like Aron Maynard and Tanner Luther who was selected as a first team mid pen player, and others like Jose Morales, Mikey williams who earned a 2nd team mid pen player of the year.