A Stenger Family Christmas


Carly Stenger, Author

     Christmas is a time for family and friends to gather and shower each other with gifts. Though, of course, it is more about quality people time and giving versus receiving. The holidays are also filled with traditions that vary from family to family. The Stengers (my family) usually celebrate pretty casually. 

     Our typical “tradition” is to have our Christmas Day celebration at my grandparents’ house. My family is pretty big. There are great aunts and uncles, my grandfather, aunts and uncles, and a good bit of cousins, especially younger children (There are twelve of us, ages 6 to 23). We usually dig into our presents right away. Almost every year, someone receives a “big” present with the entire family around. Last year, I walked outside with my family, thinking that the smaller kids were receiving their hover boards at that moment. When the garage door came up, I saw a white car, with a huge bow on it, surrounded by a bunch of my family that I haven’t seen in awhile. I screamed and I cried, a car was all I wanted for Christmas! This year, a few of my younger cousins are receiving golden retriever puppies. My favorite part of Christmas has always been watching the kids unwrap their presents and helping them open them. 

     After our presents, we open our stockings and we have our Christmas meal. After that, we usually just hang out. We do the normal things you could expect families to do when they get together. I like to play with the kids, if it’s not too cold, we go outside. Though, I am not planning on going out in the cold this year. Christmas Day was my Grandmother’s birthday. She passed away a year ago a little before Christmas time, so, last Christmas we had a birthday cake and sang happy birthday. 

     I have always thought it was interesting to hear how many different Christmas traditions people have. My family is pretty typical but I know some people who do really interesting things like travel to a different country for the holidays. What are you Christmas traditions?