New Year’s Resolutions


Colin Castro, Author

Everyone knows that when it comes to that time to make a new year’s resolution, everyone says their going to change or make changes to their life bt it is so much more than that. When it comes to resolutions, everyone says their going to make changes like working out more, eating more healthy foods, or cooking more. It takes a lot to stick to resolutions, and it takes so much will power to keep going and make a change.

When I asked a couple of friends, they said their resolutions were to be kinder to people, make the high school soccer team, and talk more helpful and be more kind. They know the challenges of keeping a new year’s resolution, and they will try to.

It is so tempting to give in to our old desires, but all across the world people will be making these new year’s resolutions, and it is so important to encourage people to keep going because without making changes and striving to be better the world wouldn’t have those individuals that leave a lasting impact on the planet.