Cedar Cliff Wasn’t The End of Us

Natalia Nice, Writer

Unfortunately, our Varsity Boys Basketball did not do too well during their Cedar Cliff game that took place last Saturday. Although they endured a hardship, this was an important lesson that taught them the significance in communication and putting constant effort and passion into the game. After the disappointing game, they proceeded to pick themselves up, and noted that there are some improvements that needed to be made.  Knowing your faults and owning up to your mistakes is really what drives overall self improvement. 


To get the real experience of what it was like on the court that day, we talked to Aaron Maynard; jersey number eleven. If you don’t happen to know already, Aaron Maynard is a senior at CASHS and plays point guard for the team. He is a significant player in the team and constantly attributes his skills as a team player on the court. We wanted to know what exactly was going through his head after such a defeat, “I think we were pretty disappointed as a team because we had the ability to beat the team, we just didn’t execute our game plan very well. Coach put in a lot of time to give us a scouting report and we didn’t really execute what he wanted us to do, that game”. After asking if the problem was listening properly, he stated, “I think we didn’t have the intensity we needed. Couch likes to say the macho; respect all, fear none. I think we feared that team and that really took us out of what we wanted to do and how we play the game”. On how they recover from such a loss, he said, “I think we really got to bring it Wednesday. Carlisle is a good team. You can’t dwell on it. You learn from it. Move on. Gotta get a win Wednesday, gotta get a win Friday”. He mentioned why it wasn’t overly important that they lost Saturday’s game, “That game isn’t in our conference, so it doesn’t really affect our future goals as much as it should and it kinda wakes us up for the Midpenn, which, we have a couple games coming up. So they are the important ones”. We proceeded to talk about his opinion on what improvements need to be made throughout the team, “I think we just gotta bring intensity. Every game. Every play, bring intensity. Be there for one another. Also we need to talk a lot more. Our communication wasn’t very good whenever we were playing. Saturday, we just didn’t talk well enough and I think we expected to get the results we wanted without actually earning it”. Since they were doing so well at the start of the season, we wondered if that confidence clouded their judgement on how they should play, “I think that played a factor. I think we started to believe that teams would just hand it to us. We had to go and get it but we weren’t ready”. Although their confidence drives them, this time it hurt their teamwork. Aaron mentioned the scoulding that followed Saturday’s game, “We don’t really get punished, per say, like he’s not gonna be like ‘Run up and down the court’, it’s more of- like we got yelled at in the locker room. That’s because we didn’t play very well. But today, I’m expecting him to be like, ‘It happens. Learn from it. Just forget about it and get ready for Wednesday.’ We probably are going to have a hard practice tomorrow because we don’t have a game”. He then went on about what practice is like for them and what goes into preparation for upcoming games, “Today, since we don’t have a game tomorrow, will be a hard practice. We’ll go full on. We’ll run, play five-on-five, do shooting drills, and all that. But, tomorrow, we will kind of specialize in Carlisle. So we will run defenses against JV that maybe we will run against Carlisle or we’ll run sets that we’ll hit against Carlisle. Also we’ll talk about certain players on them so we know how to defend them and how we are going to play against them. Since we are a smaller team, we kinda have to change how we play to defend certain teams and take away what they do best”. Observing is a big part of the practice. He adds that, “Coach keeps a whole scouting report of every player and their mannerisms. Or at least if they are a starter. During huddle, we have to watch games and I always watch point guard because that’s who I defend and I figure out whether to go right or left. Some point guards pass first. Some point guards shoot. Some can’t shoot, so, you gotta figure that all out before the game. So when you go into the game you know what to do”. Knowing your own mannerisms are important as well, Aaron explained, “I like to drive right and I like to kick. I’m not much of a shooter. So I’ll get into the lane and kick out to a shooter. If I was guarding me, I’d make me go left and make me score, if I’m being honest”. Let’s hope the opposing players for their upcoming games aren’t reading this! Since we were curious, we asked him, was, how he balances playing three sports: soccer, basketball, and track and field, with schoolwork and a social life, “I think sports are largely my social life. A lot of my friends are in my sports, so we’ll hang out after practice and we’ll do stuff like that, so that’s kinda how I’m social. School work, I’ve always been doing it. I’m pretty smart-not trying to brag-but yeah, I can manage and I usually get home and do my work or I just do it in study hall”. Aaron constantly proves his great work ethic and that balancing everything through time management is the key to success. 


Although we weren’t successful in winning, it’s important to acknowledge some of the game’s highlights. The team’s players were able to score a couple of three-pointers, which is impressive itself. These players include: Henry Shearer (jersey 20, power forward), Gus Mace (jersey 35, shooting guard), Braden Byers (jersey 4, shooting guard), and Brant Byers (jersey 23, power forward). Speaking of Brant Byers, this significant player is the only freshman on varsity. Not only that, but he is also the tallest, which is important in a sport like basketball. From a statistical point of view, our accomplishments include: 33 rebounds, 15 assists, 2 steals, and 7 blocks. 


Overall, varsity boys basketball didn’t play to their fullest potential, but they realized their faults and what needs to be improved. Learning from your mistakes is all part of the game. Saturday’s loss may have disappointed the boys, but it changed their perspective and woke them up so they can properly prepare for the Midpenn. No matter what, our school is still proud of them and their accomplishments. Their soon-to-be improved work ethic and communication will insure them success in their upcoming games. That is exactly why this loss will not be the end of us!