Before I Let Go-Book Review

Liliana Reynoso, Author

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The book Before I Let Go is written by a New York Times bestselling author by the name of Marieke Nijkamp. Nijkamp was born and raised in the Netherlands. She holds degrees in philosophy, and medieval studies. She also has written many books but this is the one book that caught my eye.

The book Before I Let Go unfolds over six bone-chilling winter days in the tiny town of Lost Creek, Alaska where it is totally isolated from society. The book is about 17 year old girl named that is haunted by unanswered questions about the suicide of her best friend, Kyra. Corey has returned to her former hometown. But what she soon discovers is that Lost Creek is keeping some very dark secrets, one of which may be the circumstances behind Kyra’s death. Which isn’t good at all.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery and different writing formats because the author uses lots of flashbacks and other different ways of telling the story, which for me is amazing. It’s also feels as if your in the book because it’s just so much going on and you want to keep on reading and time passes so much that you realize that your just really reading a book and your in reality again.