National Championship 2019 LSU Tigers vs. Clemson Tigers

Keyshawn Jones, Author

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The LSU Tigers and the Clemson Tigers were both 14-0 before heading into their matchup against each other on January 13th, 2020. It could have potentially been the third championship for the Clemson Tigers in four years. They had to go through arguably the best team ever in college football even with their quarterback Joe Burrow having one of, if not the best season ever as a quarterback in the history of college football. Also, they have the Jim Thorpe Award winner in Grant Delpit. In the beginning of the game, the national championship tested team in Clemson got a jump on LSU. They were leading them 17-7 with plenty of time to come back for the LSU Tigers. Although, it was not likely due to Clemson’s resume when they are up by 10. This LSU team is not like the rest though. The Jim Thorpe Award winner Grant Delpit and the defense made a statement on defense and got the ball back to the offense. After that, Joe Burrow ran into the endzone from 5 yards out to shorten the lead to 3. That was all Joe Burrow needed to propel his team over the Clemson Tigers, he ended up throwing 5 TDs that night and led to a stomping against LSU with a final score of 42-25.