“You” Season Two Review

Carly Stenger, Author

       The Netflix show “You” has been all the rage since season one aired on September 9th, 2018. “You” follows the whereabouts of Joe Goldberg, a young man who stalks a woman named Beck and ends up in a relationship with her. Season two of this highly talked about show came to Netflix on December 26, 2019. So, here is my honest review. 

      Season one of this series pulled me in from just watching the first five minutes. I thought Beck’s character was really cool and I was in suspense the whole time. The plot continued to thicken and left me heart broken yet interested. With season two, I did not feel as drawn to the characters. In this season, Joe stalks a woman by the name of “Love.” Love’s character was honestly weird, like really weird. Love has a twin brother named Forty who seems more like a lover to her than a sibling (gag). Watching the second season at first felt like a drag. Though, on the positive side, there were new characters, Delilah and Ellie, who I thought were interesting and added some flare. There were also returning people that I enjoyed. Towards the end of the season is where things started to get good. The overall story was crazy, alarming, and straight up weird and unexpected. 

     Overall, I would say (without providing spoilers) that season two was slow at first but ended up being worth the watch! I would still say I preferred season one more because I liked Beck a lot better than Love. Netflix has recently confirmed that season three of “You” will be airing and I am so excited! “You” is a show that many people have been talking about lately which might make people not want to watch it. Though, it is not one of those shows that is over hyped.